We are very excited to introduce you all to some of our new, fresh crop coffees. Here is a list of the new coffees you will now be able to find in store and online:

Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista: Soft strawberry with hazelnuts, peanuts and dark cocoa

Colombia Tolima Organic: Sweet lemon with peanuts, walnuts and cocoa

Ethiopia Kichere Chelchele: Lemonade with peach, floral jasmine and black tea

Ethiopia Kocher Kore: Strawberries with cherry and milk chocolate

Papua New Guinea Kunjin: Sweet green grapes with peanuts and soft citrus

As we receive these new coffees, we are also saying goodbye to the following coffees that have been a staple in our stores over the last 6-12 months. We buy our green coffee seasonally, so that we always have a excellent supply of fresh crop, high quality coffee:

Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines

Guatemala Huehuetenango

Colombia Tambo Zarzal

Tanzania Peaberry

Ethiopia Konga

We have also revamped our current Benchmark and Top Shelf espresso blends with new, fresh crop coffees that are full of flavour and still deliver a familiar Pallet experience.

Keep an eye out for a more detailed write up on each of these new coffees



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