Meet Stacey, and two months at Pallet Kingsway!

Pallet Kingsway has now been open two months. We just installed the beaming new sign on Kingsway signifying the final touch from the former Our Town café.

Here is a little insight into Stacey, our Kingsway store manager who has shared with us how the new store is going and how she landed into the world of coffee.

How is the new store at Kingsway going?

It’s hard to believe it’s only been two months, it’s been so busy! It’s been great to meet so many great people in the local neighbourhood, everyone’s been really curious to come by and we already have some really loyal customers.

We’re also open later than the roastery café on Semlin Drive, which has been fun. It’s nice to offer something different and customers are loving that they can get a panini and a coffee after work hours.

And how about the new sign? We hear there was a lot of hype!

Yeah, people are loving the new sign! It’s like a beacon greeting me on my walk to work. I can see it a few blocks away and it brightens up my morning, literally.

You’ve been in coffee a long time, how did you fall into the coffee industry?

It’s true, I’ve been in coffee since I was 18 years old when I started working as a barista. So you could say I’ve been in coffee half my life!

I worked as a barista through university where I studied Anthropology, I’ve always been fascinated by people. Through the support of my community I entered the regional barista competition and got through to nationals. It was a really rewarding experience and showed me how supportive the coffee community is.

While I did end up worked briefly as an archaeologist, I ended up back in coffee soon after and after several different roles as a barista, roaster and manager I now have the perfect role that blends all three of them.

What is it that you love most about coffee?

I love that the industry is always changing, there’s always something to learn. On a personal front I’ve managed to find my perfect job, a solid blend of people along with my passion, coffee. I guess you could say this role is truly ‘seed to cup’.

And though you must drink plenty, what’s your favourite coffee?

A cappuccino is definitely my ‘go to’ coffee to start the day. In terms of flavour, I can’t go past a natural Ethiopian coffee. I’ve loved serving the Kayon Mountain which is so fruity and has strong notes of berries, something I love.


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