Limited time! Colombia Geisha - Hacienda Cincinnati

We are excited to announce our newest coffee, a unique single-origin Geisha from Colombia.

We are currently selling a limited supply of 125g bags of the Geisha at both of our stores, East Hastings and Kingsway. You can also try it in-store at our new location on Kingsway on our Modbar pour over.

About the coffee

This coffee is very complex and clean with notes of chamomile, sweet lemon and lime, melon and an almost spicy aniseed aroma.

About the farm

Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta is in northern Colombia and this is where you will find Hacienda Cincinnati. This coffee estate was founded in 1898 by Orlando Flye, an American electrical engineer who fell in love with the region while there for business in 1890. Joined by his wife and two children, Mr Flye purchased some land in the mountains and started to build his estate, he named the estate "Hacienda Cincinnati" after Mrs Flyes birth place.

By 1920 Hacienda Cincinnati had become the most productive farm in the Colombian Caribbean region.

The estate stayed in the Flye family for three generations until it was sold in 1984 to another respected family from Santa Marta. It was then sold again in 2010 to The Cincinnati Coffee Company owned by the Diaz Granados Guida family also from Santa Marta.

The estate also became Certified Organic in 2010, meaning all the coffees were grown and processed using organic practices. Of the 680 hectares of land, 510 hectares are in a "Natural Environmental Reserve" full of birds, butterflies, fruit and flowers.

The farm now produces many different varietals at different elevations, including the Geisha we are currently roasting.

The Hacienda Cincinnati Geisha is grown at an altitude of 1300-1600 meters above sea level. The Geisha trees were planted in 2011 and make up 23% of the trees growing on the farm.

We really hope you enjoy our latest addition to our specialty coffee line up, I know we are. Available at both stores for purchase for a limited time only.


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