Behind the bar, meet Anne

This week we chatted to Anne, Pallet’s café manager, to discover how she found her passion for coffee.

How did you join the team at Pallet Coffee Roasters?

I was hired by Pallet as the café manager at the end of April, I was previously working at Café Artigiano for around 6 years. My cousin who was working there at the time got me the job there, and what started as a job soon turned into a passion for coffee. Over those 6 years I worked at 4 of their store locations and really loved building relationships with customers and co-workers. I was looking for a role in specialty coffee that put genuine emphasis on relationships with our customers, and Pallet did just that. I was really happy to join the team, it was a perfect fit.

And what does your typical day look like?

There really is no typical day. My role involves being in charge of the kitchen orders as well as the café, so it means a lot of variety. Tasks range from inventory control to team communications. I’m also responsible for making sure standards are met and so I still spend plenty of time behind the coffee machine.

What is your favourite thing about working with Pallet?

My favourite thing is having a lot of loyal customers. I really like getting to know our customers and what coffee they like. I also like learning about specialty coffee and I’m always learning a lot from the people around me, particularly Ben. We use great equipment which is also really fun and a great learning experience.

Most memorable coffee experience?

My most memorable coffee experience was attending the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) show in Seattle and watching the world barista championships. It was a really cool experience. The creativity was amazing and it was cool to see that part of our industry.

Drink of choice?

Macchiato! It’s the perfect ratio of great espresso with a touch of milk. It’s tiny but packs a punch.

What would you recommend right now at Pallet – what’s your favourite coffee on offer?

I really love Benchmark, it’s really chocolaty and works great as espresso.

And finally, something we wouldn’t know about you?

Ha, I once performed on a cruise ship! I used to dance when I was young and performed some lyrical jazz. A long way from coffee that’s for sure!

Thanks Anne! We’ll be back for that smile (and a macchiato).


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