Loafe Cafe, on bringing coffee love to UBC

Move aside Starbucks! Finally there’s great coffee on campus at UBC, and students and staff alike can’t get enough.

We chatted with Tim and Brittany from Loafe Café about changing the face of campus coffee and food, forever.

Photo Kosta Prodanovic/The Ubyssey.

Tell us about your café?

Brittany: Our café sits within the University of British Columbia (UBC) campus. In fact, we have two cafes one being Loafe, and the other within the Museum of Anthropology (MOA).

Tim: Right from set up we wanted to differentiate and our café offers high quality fare, unlike what most people consider found ‘on campus’. Ensuring our customer experience is always high quality and consistent is why we are so happy with the consistency and quality of Pallet coffee.

How about your customers, do you serve mostly staff or do you get a lot of students in the door?

Tim: Our customers are a real mix of alumni, faculty and also students. Actually, a lot of students!

Brittany: It’s true. We find the students are happy to save their dollars on just about anything but a great quality coffee! Our customers are incredibly loyal and we love seeing the same faces come back again and again.

How have people reacted to specialty coffee on campus?

Tim: It’s crazy, we never expected to receive so much positive feedback. We hear time and time again that our customers are so happy to find something other than Starbucks! Pallet coffee has been the perfect choice.

Brittany: It’s true, in fact, we were asked, or begged, to open earlier as a lecture began before our opening hours. It is this kind of feedback that makes us love what we do, and so happy we are able to support the UBC community with great coffee.

And how about those Keep Cups? Every second student seems to have one!

Brittany: Pallet’s Keep Cups are such a hit with students and faculty staff, we love them because we enjoy supporting UBC’s zero waste goals and providing fun but practical, sustainable options.

How about working with the Pallet team? Have you enjoyed the ride?

Brittany: Absolutely! Pallet has really gone above and beyond for us and we look forward to more opportunities to collaborate as we grow.

Tim: It’s been a lot more than just the coffee, that’s for sure. They’ve been great partners in this journey. To be honest, we couldn’t have achieved what we have without them.

Thanks Tim and Brittany, we love what you do. For all the students out there, thank goodness there’s finally great coffee on campus! Grab yourself a Keep Cup, and head over to Loafe Cafe for a fix of Pallet coffee!


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