Pallet, your event space in Vancouver

We have been asked so often if we could be hired for private events, functions and production sets that we officially listed our space. Yes, it’s true, you can hire all of Pallet Coffee for a bigger event such as a party, launch or production. And with our new patio, it’s Vancouver’s best event space for summer. Cold brew anyone?

If you are searching for a smaller event space, or something a little more intimate, you can also hire our tasting room upstairs which comfortably fits 35 people. It’s a great, new space complete with a long, spacious table great for spreading out designs, robust discussion or a board meeting.

Best of all, whichever area you choose, you won’t be short of a great coffee! We offer catering packages, including your choice of Pallet Coffee for those long meetings, pop-ups that require stamina or just because… you’re at Pallet Coffee!

Pallet is also popular for Vancouver film production. Did you know we were recently on set? You may be surprised to know it’s not the first time Pallet has appeared in a Vancouver set film, in fact some of our baristas were even cast as extras. It certainly added some fun to the day, they sure don’t teach acting at barista school.

It’s never too early to start planning a party, especially in Vancouver where event space can be scarce. Check out our new listings, by having a peek at our space options here.


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