What's upstairs at Pallet?

If you’ve come by Pallet this past week you may have noticed a new sign on the stairs signalling the way to our new tasting room. We’re happy to say that the rumours are true, our upstairs space is ready for you this summer!

At Pallet Coffee Roasters our mission is ‘Bringing Coffee Love to Your Community’ and our new upstairs space is designed to do exactly that, to find even more ways to share our love of specialty coffee with you.

On Saturday evening we held a launch event in the new space for Pallet’s family and friends. With ten specialty coffee drinks on offer, our guests were in for a sneak peek of Pallet’s upcoming summer drinks range.

Our theme ‘Welcome to Summer’ sure was fitting as by Vancouver standards Saturday was a scorcher! Luckily Ben had plenty of delicious coffees to cool us down. Our biggest challenge (and a new one for us living in the Pacific North West) was ensuring we had enough ice!

Guests enjoyed the refreshing self-serve cold brew Brazil Fazenda Santa Ines with its soft citrus, hazelnut and cocoa flavour, a Costa Rican Swiss Water Decaf cold brew and a tasting menu of six delicious coffee mocktails.

But who said it was all about the coffee? One of the mocktail winners was Ben’s ‘What the Fog,’ a big hit with young and old. The earl grey syrup and creamy milk sitting beautifully over ample ice.

After several tasters we moved onto some stunning dessert samplers, carefully prepared by the Pallet kitchen team. The chocolate mousse cups and fresh summer fruits prepared us for what we were all waiting for, Pallet affogatos!

The espresso-ice-cream deliciousness went down a treat. With scoop after scoop we could have easily passed for a gelateria.

What a way to launch our new space; warm summer sun, refreshing coffee drinks and great company. We can’t wait to welcome you too to our new upstairs space, and let Pallet bring the coffee love to you!

Our upstairs space launches this summer, with a Coffee Club designed for you to come and taste, learn and explore specialty coffee.

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As for what upstairs looks like, you’ll just have to wait and see…


'Bringing Coffee Love to your Community'

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