Top Shelf 340g or 5lb
  • Top Shelf 340g or 5lb

    Floral and juicy with nectarine and caramel.


    Blend breakdown:

    60% Deigo Robelo: Aquiares Estate, Centroamericano, Washed - Costa Rica

    40% Nariño Micro-lot blend by Jose Elisio, Jose Humberto, Libardo Garcez and Zolia Socorro - Colombia



    • Top Shelf

      If you're looking for an exciting, adventurous option to enjoy on Filter or Espresso, this is the blend for you.

      Top Shelf is one of our seasonal blends and is considered a slightly more adventurous choice than our Benchmark blend. Top Shelf is a sweet and complex blend that is perfect for a sweet filter coffee and as an equally sweet and balanced espresso. 

      This current Spring 2020 edition of our Top Shelf blend is made up of two coffees and for those familiar with our last edition of Top Shelf, this current offering brings you somethin quite different to before. 

      We have used a washed processed coffee by Diego Robelo at Aquiares Estate in Costa Rica as a base. This coffee is floral and sweet with a really smooth caramel finish to it. 

      The Second coffee is a micro lot blend of four producers from Nariño, Colombia. Jose Elisio, Jose Humberto, Libardo Garcez and Zolia Socorro have small micro lots that were mixed together to create one amazing lot with tasting notes of pear, nectarine and juicy melon.  

      By mixing these two really sweet coffees together we've ended up with a really sweet coffee which reminds us of floral fruit and cola flavours with a really smooth caramel finish.



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