• Ethiopia Kayon Mountain Natural 340g

    Juicy with sweet blueberry and a complex raspberry and lime acidity.


    Origin - Ethiopia
    Region - Shakiso, Oromia
    Farm - Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm
    Varietal - Heirloom Ethiopian
    Altitude - 1900–2200 masl
    Process - Natural

    Import Partner - Cafe Imports


      The Kayon Mountain Coffee Farm is 287 hectares, owned and operated by Ato Esmael and Ismel Hassen and his family since 2012. It is located 510 kilometers south of Addis Ababa. He oversees a staff of 25 permanent full-time and 300 seasonal employees, and the farm management offers free transportation services as well as financial support for building schools and administration buildings for the community. The farm competes with a nearby mining village for seasonal workers, so Ismel and his family tend to pay higher wages to their pickers in order to incentivize them returning year after year.


      Kayon Mountain farm has a nursery on-site, and utilizes shade (gravilla, accacia, and other indigenous trees) to protect the coffee as well as for creating compost to fertilize naturally.