The Bayter Family: Gesha Marcela - Colombia - 200g

The Bayter Family: Gesha Marcela - Colombia - 200g

Wine gums with grape juice, chocolate liqueur and floral tea.


Origin: Colombia

Farm: El Vergel Estate

Producer: Elias & Shady Bayter

Varietal: Gesha

Process: Anaerobic Natural

Direct Trade




  • Details

    El Vergel Estate is run by Elias and Shady Bayter along with their mother Martha. 

    The coffees being produced at El Vergel are outstanding and we are super excited to have found them. We had planned to visit them in 2020 but due to COVID we had to put that trip on hold although Shady took us for a virtual tour of the farm and processing station and we can not wait until we are able to visit.


    This  lot is a Gesha varietal that was grown at 1500m above sea level and harvested a optimum ripeness. The whole cherries are then fermented in an anaerobic environment inside steel tanks for 48 hours. After fermentation the cherries are sun dried for 30 days and then drying is finished using mechanical driers. The coffee is then stored in grain pro bags for 3 months.


    This processing brings out amazing fruity qualities from this coffee while still letting the natural floral flavours of the Gesha shine through.



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