Finca Los Angeles: by Los Naranjos Café - El Salvador - 200g

Finca Los Angeles: by Los Naranjos Café - El Salvador - 200g

Fresh strawberry, cranberry and lime (cosmopolitan) and chocolate liqueur.


Origin: El Salvador

Farm: Finca Los Angeles

Producer: Los Naranjos Café

Varietal: Pacamara

Process: 90 hour Anaerobic Natural

Import Partner: Mountain Coffee



  • Details

    Los Angeles farm is located a few minutes from the town of Apaneca. It has a loam soil, its land is totally flat, so it lacks the possibility of erosion or another type of related loss; In addition, it has a large content of organic matter with a large amount of shade and ideal microclimates for the Pacamara coffee tree.


    Finca Los Angeles is one of many farms now owned by Los Naranjos Café, a company started by three friends who wanted to start experimenting with coffee. In 2020 they entered this coffee in the El Slavador Cup Of Excellence competition where it took 5th place with a score of 89.06.


    We are really enjoying this lot as both a filter and espresso option. It showcases super juicy flavours of strawberry, cranberry and lime and everyone in the room knows when you grind this coffee because of the intense sweet aroma.



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