• Costa Rica Aquiares Estate Esperanza Red Honey

    Juicy and sweet with floral orange, tropical fruits and chocolate.


    Origin - Costa Rica
    Farm - Aquiares Estate

    Producer - Diego Robelo
    Varietal - Esperanza
    Process - Red Honey

    Import Partner - West Coast Coffee Traders


    This lot is 100% ‘Esperanza’ variety – a hybrid of Caturra and the Ethiopia 531 variety. The Coffee cherries are delivered to Aquiares’ own wet mill the same day they are harvested. The farm produces fully washed coffees, honey processed coffees and naturals. ⁣

    This Red honey lot was produced by leaving approximately 80-90% of the mucilage attached after pulping. After this, the coffee is delivered to the mill’s covered greenhouses to pre-dry on concrete patios for two days before being moved to the mill’s extensive African beds to dry for an additional 12-16 days, depending on weather conditions at the time.