$50 Palate Kitchen gift card

$50 Palate Kitchen gift card

Introduce your friends and family to Palate Kitchen with our restaurant gift cards, redeemable for any purchases made while dining at Palate Kitchen.


These gift cards are only valid for use in the restaurant at Palate Kitchen.


Gift cards are delivered by Canada Post and ready to use immediately. 


PALATE KITCHEN - A concept by Pallet Coffee Roasters

848 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

  • Fine Print

    All gift cards sales are final and non-refundable.

    Only redeemable for purchases made in the restaurant at Palate Kitchen. This gift card is not valid for use in any Pallet Cafe

    If the total of your purchase is less than the value of your gift card, you will be able to use the remaining balance for future purchases - remaining balances cannot be redeemed for cash. 



'Bringing Coffee Love to your Community'

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