• Claudia Bustamante, Sítio Pedra Preta, Anaerobic Natural - Brazil 340g or 5lb

    Cotton candy with sweet berries and milk chocolate.


    Origin - Brazil

    Producer - Claudia Bustamante

    Farm - Sítio Pedra Preta
    Region - Minas Gerais
    Altitude - 1280
    Process - Anaerobic Natural

    Import Partner - Cafe Imports


      Sítio Pedra Preta is a 236-hectare farm owned by Claudia and Antônio Fortes Bustamante. They grow Yellow Bourbon and Catuaí, as well as Mundo Novo, and have been farming coffee since 1977. Despite two years of intense frost that decimated all of their crops in the early days of the farm, they persisted in growing coffee as well as bananas and tangerines. In 2008 they began collaborating with Carmo Coffees on producing specialty lots.


      This lot is a Catuaí lot that was entered into the Carmo Best Cup Competition where it took 3rd place with a score of 89.75. The coffee has been processed as whole cherries in an anerobic tank for a couple of days before being dried out in the sun.


      The coffee showcases a cotton candy like sweetness with notes of berries and chocolate.


      We were lucky enough to purchase this 5 bag lot (650lb) at the Carmo Best Cup auction at 7 USD/lb that went directly to the producers. On top of that another 0.50 USD/lb went to Carmo Coffees for milling and export and another 0.50 USD/lb went to Cafe Imports for importation and shipping.



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