Benchmark 340g or 5lb
  • Benchmark 340g or 5lb

    Smooth milk chocolate with a tropical sweetness and soft acidity.


    Blend breakdown:

    50% Brazil Fazenda Alta Vista, Honey

    50% Colombia Narino Buesaco, Washed




      Easy drinking and approachable, whatever your chosen brew method, our Benchmark blend really is the perfect choice for any coffee drinker.

      Benchmark is one of our signature, seasonal blends that is designed to be versatile and balanced. Our Benchmark blend is perfect for drinking as a standalone espresso or bold enough to hold up in any milk based beverage. It is also versatile enough to use on any brew method you please.

      Being a seasonal blend, we update the Benchmark with fresh crop coffees as they arrive throughout the year. We always aim to keep the flavour profile and the tactile qualities as similar as possible when we are buying new lots for this seasonal blend.



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